Annual Registers - Centenarians, 1758-94

Have You Got an Ancient 18th Century Ancestor?

The Annual Register is the place to look between 1758, when it was founded, and 1794 when, due to editorial changes, the practice was discontinued. This annual publication gave a month by month synopsis of the previous year's events as culled and plagiarized from newspapers, magazines, letters from correspondents, government publications and other sources and is an invaluable, if often biased and unreliable, source of events as they happened.

There are a variety of other worthy topics such as science, literature, agriculture, discoveries, aristocratic promotions, births, deaths and marriages, and a chronicle of miscellaneous events, which include bad weather, floods, shipwrecks, fires, accidents, robberies, murder, mutiny, trials and executions, etc. They are entertaining read and give an evocative picture of life at the time.

There are 1,218 entries in over 850 places, primarily in the United Kingdom but also continental Europe and the Americas. The supplementary place name index is further flung with many survivors of late 17 th century and early 18 th century warfare in Europe and the Americas, political exiles from Ireland, Scotland and France, as well as Anson's and the Darien expeditions etc.

October 1768: A gentleman in Coleraine has now living a parrot, which was sent over to his father, among other curiosities, from Jamaica, in 1694; it is of the macaw kind, but through its great age has lost its former beautiful diversity of feathers and is become entirely grey.

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