As a World Summit Award-winning international interdisciplinary researcher I am always on the lookout for interesting creative worthwhile projects.

These can cover contemporary social, historic, cultural and geographical themes and issues; they can explore urban environments or rural landscapes; they can focus on the immediacy of disaster relief, medium-term issues of addiction and rehabilitation or the longue duree of settlement and wildlife for its own sake or tourism development.

So if you would like an internationally experienced researcher, author and editor for that special project don't hesitate to get in contact using the form below or directly to iancantwell ( at ) gmail ( fullstop ) com.

Having reached a certain age and don't feel the need to have to impress anyone, my CV is now only of historic interest as this website is my CV. Abstract:- University education in Ireland (BA History & Geography, TCD, 1999) and the UK (MSc. Palaeoecology, QUB, 2000), professional experience in Ireland, Pakistan, Uganda, Vietnam and voluntary work in Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Uganda; mostly in the Development sector.

I have researched modern and historical topics in Ireland (Republic and Northern) and, internationally, in England, Estonia, DR Congo, France, Germany, Italy, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Pakistan, Poland, Rwanda, Switzerland, Uganda, Ukraine and Vietnam.

List of Publications - Books, articles, CDs, film script and editorial experience.

Otherwise, if, as a historian or genealogist, you have any questions, need any clarifications or have any feedback about the CDs, books, articles, dissertations, genealogical indexes, support texts, and/or any other related issues please get in contact using the form below or directly to iancantwell( at )gmail( fullstop )com.