A courtesy resource that contains indexes and introductions to three Irish genealogy databases published on CD and online:


Each set of indexes covers surnames, places and occupations. For genealogists and family historians the listing of surnames and their variants will assist in the use of online search engines and other research tools while the indexes of places and occupations will benefit those who are carrying out in-depth historical and geographical research of Irish people and their links abroad. There are introductory and explanatory documents that provide further background information. If you have any questions, need any clarifications or have any feedback about the indexes, support texts, and/or any other related issues please use the contact page

Two additional free resources are indexed extracts of centenarians (and other curiosities) from the Annual Registers and indexes to the Spirit of Irish Wit, first published in 1811

Contenders for the oldest genealogical jokes? The latter is pre 1740, prior to Swift's cognitive decline.

A gentleman of the name of Frost lately told another that he wished to have his genealogy made out. "Wait," said his friend, "till the next fall of snow, and than you may trace it."

Dean Swift was one day in company, when the conversation fell upon the antiquity of her family. The lady of the house expatiated a little too freely on her descent, observing that her ancestor's name began with De, and, of course, of ancient French extraction. When she had finished, "And now", said the dean, "you will be so kind as to help me to a piece of that D'umpling".

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