Memorials of the Dead: Counties Galway & Mayo (West)


The CD contains transcriptions (up to 1901) of around 8,000 people from over 120 graveyards in western parts of counties of Galway and Mayo (west of Galway City, Loughs Corrib & Mask, Castlebar and the Nephin Mountains), published in 2003.

Spiddal, Co. Galway. Sacred to the memory of George O'Malley RN who was severely wounded in 1807 at the capture of Curacao in the West Indies. He was wrecked near this place on his return to his native home. This mark of respect to his memory was erected by his brother Edmd O'Malley RN late Purser of HMS Blannia 120 guns

There are two sections: Texts and Indexes.